TKM Teknollogik Management

TKM Teknollogik Management is a longstanding player in the engineering and construction industry, with projects ranging from roadways to shipyard facilities and utility infrastructure. The founders decided that they needed a new visual brand identity and a new website that the romanian market could relate to.

To reflect the values of the company, we redesigned the previous logo to instil trust in the brand. This notion is reiterated with the colour choice of light blue which portrays trust and harmony.

The decision for the logo to feature a hexagon shape and the meaning of 6 depicts TKM’s commitment to communication, interfacing, ballance and union. It may also be noteworthy that the shape of the hexagon is used in beehives… what does this mean to you? Efficiency? Community?

The design of the site factored in TKM’s professional and trustworthy brand image, but was also created to be modern, simple and efficient.


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September, 2017


TKM Teknollogik Management


TKM Website

Project type:

Branding, Web Design, Marketing Collateral