The Koncept

Logo design and minimalist online store created for The Koncept UK.


The minimalist style is extremely appreciated in fashion. The motto “Less is more” is defining for this style, and this implies a space where simplicity creates the atmosphere. In short, the minimalist style contains only essential elements, and bright white spaces and simple fonts were used in the design.


The new online store is in line with the brand name. A concept store that emphasizes the buyer’s experience, giving up all the addons present on regular eCommerce sites, such as ads, popups, email capture forms, etc.


his approach is one that capitalizes on products, highlights them with elements as simple as possible. Although it is a style considered new, minimalism has already conquered its followers through its simplicity, the balance it brings and its bright and airy appearance.




The Koncept London



Project type:

Logo Design, Web Design & Development