Sky Tower

Sky Tower Bucharest is the tallest building in Romania, and the new headquarters of Raiffeisen Bank. It was put into use in 2012. The building has a height of 137 meters and 36 floors. It is located on Calea Floreasca, Promenada Mall.

Although since 2012 Sky Tower redefines the horizon of Bucharest there is a lack of clarity regarding its positioning on the market.

In 2020, the management decided that Sky Tower needs a rebranding process to make potential customers perceive Sky Tower as a landmark of Bucharest, with an innovative architecture that introduces a new business perspective to corporate customers.

Thus a cooperation between us and the buildings’ management has began, involving work on several segments, over several months, including: auditing and positioning, logo redesign and restoring the visual identity of the brand.

The main purpose of the rebranding process was to create a new identity that can be recognized by potential consumers and be correctly associated with the prestige of Sky Tower building, thus increasing the degree of brand recognition.

The first change in the rebranding process was related to the logo. It has been completely changed and is now represented by the stylized silhouette of the Sky Tower. The colors have also been changed. The color blue was chosen, the favorite color of most people, considered to be connected with meanings such as success, authority and business.

The entire range of identity materials has been redesigned in the tone of the new brand, to provide the much needed consistency to a company operating in the B2B area.

The entire rebranding process was completed in November 2020. We notice how, with the help of the right team, a brand that didn’t convey the symbolic character of the building has been updated, and now manages to stand out.




Sky Tower Bucharest

Project type:

Logo Design, Branding, Marketing Collateral